Sample collection

  • in room NC 2/91, contact person: Bert Mallick, room NC 2/73
  • fill in the measurement order form
  • Please indicate the structure of the possible product as well as the solvents and starting materials used on the measurement order.

Air-stable samples can be handed in directly and will be measured at the next possible date.

Air-sensitive samples:

  • please arrange an appointment
  • we will provide you with a slide containing perfluorinated polyether, which you can insert into the glovebox and embed the crystals in it
  • most substances are air-stable in this ether for at least 10 minutes and are thus protected for the time of crystal preparation
  • we try to select the best possible crystal to obtain publishable data. However, we cannot give a guarantee

After the measurement

    after the measurement you will receive a complete cif-file including IUCR-checkcif
    if desired, we load the data into the CCDC, you will then also receive a CCDC deposit number. Please note that you still send us the bibliographic data after the publication of the structure, so that we can complete the deposited cif-file accordingly. After one year, the data without bibliographic information will be filed as 'private communication'.


The instruments may only be used by persons who have the following requirements:

  • sufficient crystallographic knowledge
  • personal instruction in the use of the equipment
  • participation in a yearly repeated X-ray training.

For the reservation of measuring dates authorized users are activated for the google-calendar,
unused measuring time should be released for other users for reasons of collegiality

Malfunctions of the measuring devices must be reported immediately to the responsible person

Each measurement must be documented in the logbook on the desk

Misconduct leads to failure of the usage permission