Synergy S

 Oxford Rigaku Diffraction



HyPix-600 HE
The features of the new HyPix-6000HE detector provide many benefits for measuring single crystal data. This is a direct detection detector that requires no phosphor. The point spread function of a reflection is determined by the pixel size rather than from phosphor blooming. A 100 μm pixel thus reduces the size of reflections and minimizes eflection overlap, and also minimizes the area in which background will be accumulated.
The 100 Hz frame rate, near zero dead time and extremely low detector noise lead to true shutterless data collection. Another powerful feature is the ability to reduce fluorescence background by setting the appropriate energy threshold.



PhotonJet-S X-ray source with new microfocus sealed tube that incorporates a new mirror design and new alignment hardware.


Cu: beam diameter: 100 µm, divergence 9 mrad
Mo: beam diameter: 120 µm, divergence 4 mrad


Synergy-s Picture Ver1 2018.11.20

Fast kappa geometry goniometer that allows data collection scan speeds of up to 10°/sec.

4-circle kappa goniostat
positioning accuracy < 0.01°
Variable detector distance of 31 - 250 mm




Oxford Rigaku Diffraction



CCD detector ATLAS
High sensitivity with an amplification of up to 180 e-/X-ray
Large active area with 135 mm diameter
'Super plus' scintillator offers 70% more conversion efficiency.
Extremely low-noise signal due to image conversion in the detector, cooled to -40°C

MF single

µ-focus X-ray source Cu 40W

beam diameter 50 µm


4-circle kappa goniostat
positioning accuracy < 0.01°
variable detector distance of 45 - 150 mm



sample cooling system

Oxford Cryostream 800
for sample temperature control in the range 80 - 400 K


CrysAlisPro software package for data collection and data reduction
AutoChem for automatic structure determination even during measurement
CellCheck CSD module for automatic matching of cell constants with the CCDC
'What Is This?' for determination of atomic connectivity in less than 1 minute