Research in the Gessner group

...involves the application of unique carbanionic compounds in main group element and transition metal chemistry. Thereby, we focus on the development of systems that exhibit versatile functionalities and unusual chemical and electronic properties to allow for new transformations and reactivities. The overall research strategy aims at an advanced understanding of the electronic structure and charge distribution within the prepared systems. For this purpose we are combining experimental and analytical methods with computational studies. The obtained knowledge and understanding allows for a control of stabilities and reactivities, which we use to develope new applications such as in bond activation reactions, the developement of new synthetic strategies and catalytic transformation.

Our ongoing research projects involve the use of carbanionic compounds in elementorganic and organometallic chemistry. Thereby, we are focusing on three different compound classes: dianionic compounds (methandiides), carbenoids and ylidic compounds as unique carbon bases. For more information, please click on the topics above.